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If you’re interested in obtaining any images used on this site for business, or private use. Or if you are keen to get more information about anything on this blog; or have something to share…Feel free to contact me at

5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I just discovered this site The pics bring back some great memories. Thanks. I especially liked the pics of Col Smith. We just called him Muffy.

  2. Geoff… I have just stumbled upon your gem of a website. Congratulations. Been surfing in and around Newy for about 50 years (Catho mainly) and I really appreciate what you have put together. Thank you.

  3. g, day mate super Hubert here thanks for your kind words, just about to go on another variety bash doing my wild shows at all the schools we go to. still can win kids over in seconds no matter how old I am, we are like a large family on the bash ,just came back from New Zealand bash ,did 18 shows in 5 days ,love to you super

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