April 2011

Another favourite photo of mine – Col Smith the night before heading for Hawaii with a bunch of Radical Pollard Channel Boards, and he ripped placing in 3 main events.

Newcastle Col Smith – Channel Boards for Hawaii 1976


Redhead surfer 23/3/2011. A NE swell jumped up and provided some good surfers with some testing waves, along with a few bombs.

Redhead unknown surfer 23rd March 2011


Redhead’s Col Smith in his shaping bay with some new clinker channel boards 1977.

Col Smith shaping channel boards 1977

Col Smith shaping channel boards 1977


Nobbys Lighthouse opened up to the public for 2 weekends in March and proved to be very popular. The 360 degree views from up there were great.

Kitesurfers at Nobbys 13th March 2011


Newcastle from Nobbys Lighthouse

Newcastle from Nobbys 13th March 2011


Redhead Beach surfer 17th January in big surf

Redhead Surfers 17th January 2011


Redhead Beach 24th March, they were mostly closing out but the odd set looked impressive.


Redhead Beach 24th March 2011

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