January 2021

Sea Critter washed up on Redhead Beach 16/2/2021. This finger tip size rubbery thing was washed up among Blue Bottles. A sea slug known as Glaucus Atlanticus which feeds off blue bottle and stores the venom so it can be dangerous.

Things that were under the sand exposed after heavy rain and strong winds Redhead Beach 16/2/2021.

Rainbow over Redhead Beach 16/2/2021. With just my foot prints and Bonnie checking the tide line.

Big wave Redhead Beach 21/1/2021

Big Wave Redhead Beach 21/1/21

Waters Edge Redhead Beach 21/1/2021

Waters Edge Redhead 21/1/21

Absolute classic 1956 VW Combi Ute in original condition at Blacksmiths Beach Jan 2021

Original 1956 VW Combi Ute

November/December 2020

Pelicans in Swansea Chanel in crystal clear water.

Pelicans in Swansea Chanel

Joe Cocker Newcastle’s Civic Theatre 1978. Joe sang like a nightingale and the band were awesome.

Joe Cocker Civic Theatre 1978

Redhead Beach early morning with the sun beaming through the clouds 23/11/2020

Redhead Beach 23-11-20

Sea Snail Black Neds Bay 18/11/2020

Movement Redhead Beach 24-07-20

Large seas pushed over the beach leaving a drained look.

Movement Redhead Beach 24-07-20


Redhead Beach in 1978. Work just starting on sealing the car park and Vegetation planting within fenced off areas.

Redhead Beach Road 1920’s Showing the First Creek Bridge Unknown photographer.

Redhead Beach Road 1920’s

Rutile Mining along Redhead Beach late 1950’s to early 1960’s The floating dredge moved along the beach to Blacksmiths and back again, then the area was “re-planted” Unknown photographer..

Rutile Mine Redhead Beach app 1962



May/June/July 2020

Rutile patterns in the sand Redhead Beach July 2020. Note not enough there to bring the sand mining dredge back!.

Rutile patterns Redhead Beach July 2020

Rutile patterns Redhead Beach

Rutile patterns Redhead Beach 31-07-20

Another big day. Storm surf Redhead Beach 16/7/20

Storm surf Redhead 17-07-20

Storm Surf Redhead Beach 15/7/20

Storm Surf Redhead 15-07-20

Choppy Seas Redhead Beach 18/6/2020

Choppy seas Redhead Beach 18-06-20

Barnacles on driftwood Redhead Beach 14/6/2020

Barnacles on driftwood Redhead Beach 14-06-20

Sun projector Redhead Beach 9/6/2020

Sun projector Redhead 09-06-20

Small neat wave early morning Redhead Beach 01/6/2020

Small Wave Redhead Beach 01-06-20

Redhead Beach surfer far back with a lot of wall in front

Surfer Redhead Beach 28-04-19


Tiny waves on the inside Redhead Beach 30/5/2020

Tiny Waves Redhead 30-05-20

More big surf 6/5/2020 a wave had pushed up the path of Redhead Second Creek all the way to the boardwalk, about 200 metres inland leaving a trail of seaweed and flotsam.

Big wave path 2nd creek 06-05-20

Big seas high tide mark Redhead Beach 24/5/2020

Big seas high tide mark Redhead 24-05-20

Golden sunrise Redhead Beach

Redhead Beach sunrise 30-03-20

Redhead Beach Sand Art 17/05/2020

Sand Art Redhead Beach 17-05-20

October/November/December 2019

22/12/2019 Redhead Second Creek has dried up to just a small water hole, never seen it that dry before. Come on … rain!

Dry Redhead 2nd Creek 22-12-19

Sand Snowman and Merry Christmas Redhead Beach 12/12/2019

Sand snowman Redhead Beach 12-12-19

Redhead Beach Tide art 12/12/2019

Tide art Redhead Beach 12-12-19

Razor clams from Black Ned’s Bay 11/12/2019

Razor clams Black Neds Bay 11-12-19

Bush fire ash patterns on the tide line Redhead Beach 6/12/2019

Ash patterns tide line Redhead Beach 06-12-19

Smoke Haze Redhead Beach 05/12/2019

Smoke Haze Redhead Beach 05-12-19

Optimistic tube rider Redhead Beach 14/11/2019.

Optimistic tube ride Redhead 14-11-19

Ian Moss Cold Chisel 1978 Belmont North Community Hall. A good night for a small crowd.

Ian Moss 1978 Belmont North Hall


Crow surfing at Boomerang 1977

Crow 1977 Boomerang

Big black rain cloud hanging over Redhead Beach early morning 1/10/2019

Dark Clouds Redhead Beach 01-10-19

July/August/September 2019

At first glance this cloud bank looks like a giant wave about to monster Redhead Beach, at a second glance it still does. Head for the hills.

Giant wave like cloud Redhead Beach 11-09-19

More sand sculpture by mother nature Redhead Beach 1/9/2019

Sand sculpture Redhead Beach 01-09-19

Natures sand sculpture and a bush fire Redhead beach 23/8/2019

Sand sculpture and a bush fire Redhead 23-08-19

Wild flowers Redhead Bluff bush track

Redhead Bluff Bush Walk

Redhead Beach surfers in a punchy early session 20/7/2019

Redhead Surfers 20-07-19

Redhead Beach streaky sunrise 2/7/2019

Redhead beach streaky sunrise 02-06-19

April/May/June 2019

Red sunrise Redhead beach 30/6/2019

Red sunrise Redhead Beach 30-06-19

Seaweed Redhead Beach 9/6/2019. Powerful surf for the last week has torn the kelp off the oceans floor.

Seaweed Redhead Beach 09-06-19

A flock of seagulls and clouds building and about to storm Redhead Beach 4/6/2019

Seagulls Redhead Beach 04-06-19

Redhead’s surfboard factory 1976. Martin Littlewood (Delta Designs) and Roy Lee (Pacific Dreams) were making surfboards in this converted chook shed in the lantana bush. I re-scanned the negative recently and its a bit clearer.

Redhead chook shed surfboard factory 1976


Redhead Beach 28/5/2019 solid sets and the first cold day this year

Redhead Beach 28-05-2019

Fisherman at sunrise Redhead beach 19/5/2019

Fisherman Redhead Beach 19-05-19

Big wave early morning Redhead Beach 7/5/2019

Big Wave Redhead Beach 07-05-19

This huge wave just exploded Redhead Beach 5/5/2019

Explosive wave Redhead Beach 07-05-19

Redhead Beach 19/4/2019 a dark start to the morning.

Redhead Beach Dark start 19-04-19

Dream wave sequence 1966, I wouldn’t change a thing now, except add a leg rope. I most likely drew this in Maths class at school when I was 16.

Wave dream sequence 1966

Redhead Cliff Face Profile 13/04/2019

Redhead Cliff Face Profile 13-04-19

Mind Control Pole. Someone aptly labelled the Swansea Telstra Tower 31/3/2019

Mind Control Pole Swansea 31-03-19

Wally Berwick the original Beach Inspector Redhead Beach with a redwood plank 1984

Wally Berwick original wood 1984

Redhead Surf Club 6:30 am and open for coffee 23/3/2019

Redhead Surf Club 23-03-19

November/December 2018

Redhead Shelly Beach fish on rock 26/12/2018

Fish of rock Shelly Redhead 26-12-18

Redhead Bluff Goat Track 26/12/2016

Redhead Bluff Goat Track 26-12-18

Storm clouds over Redhead 20/12/2018. Looks like the beak of a whale.

Storm clouds 20-12-18

Strange little fly like flower from a bush along the Redhead 2nd creek walkway 22/12/2018

Flower Fly 22-12-18

Blacksmiths shore break 1/12/2018. A five foot swell was coming in from the east but waves now only dump right on the shore. There is a lot of sand on the beach but none under where the waves should be breaking. The waves used to break out where the surf boat is riding the swell.

Blacksmiths shore break 01-12-18

As a comparison to now here’s Blacksmiths Beach going off in a big north east swell June 2016 after a few days of big swell pushing in and scouring out of the sand on the beach.

Blacksmiths Beach 1 08-06-16

Sam catches another whopper off the rocks.

Sam Kingfish 10-11-18

September/October 2018

Foggy morning Redhead Beach 23/10/2018. Trying to keep it simple.

Redhead beach foggy morning 23-10-18

Redhead 2nd Creek flowing again after good rain 6/10/2018. For something different it pushed along the beach to meet up with 1st Creek which then flowed down and out at the Shark Tower rocks.

Redhead 2nd creek flowing 06-10-18

Silver Sea – Blacksmiths Beach 17/10/2018 and it’s a colour photo

Silver Sea Blacksmiths 17-10-18

Early morning paddle around to Green Point Belmont 27/9/18 Water like glass, sun coming through the trees, nice and peaceful.

Reflections Green Point Belmont 27-09-18

Three Pig face flowers in different stages of bloom Blacksmiths Beach 20/9/2018

Pig face Blacksmiths 20-08-18

Sun through clouds Blacksmiths Beach 20/9/2018

Sun through cloud Blacksmiths 20-09-18

Ripples in the Sand Redhead Beach 22/08/2018. Waves pushed over the beach and left these patterns when the tide went out.

Sand ripples 22-08-18

June/July/August 2018

Redhead beach flat as 07/08/2018

Redhead Beach flat as 07-08-18

Redhead Bluff cliff faces 29/7/2018

Redhead Cliff Faces 29-07-18

Patterns in the Sand Redhead beach 29/7/2018

Patterns in the sand Redhead 29-07-18

Purple sky Redhead Beach 18/6/2018. Some more bad weather not far away.

Purple Sky Redhead Beach 18-06-18

Some pictures from old surf magazines showing how good a surfer Col Smith was. Thanks to the surfing photographers and the magazines.

Col Smith big Sunset Beach 1976

Col Smith Lip Bash Surfabout 1978

Col Smith Aussie champ comp 1977

The Col Smith Memorial contest was resurrected this year at Redhead Beach thanks to all the organiser’s for their hard work.

Surfboards as prizes for the winners in the Col Smith Winter Classic 8/6/18. Surfboard makers donated some awesome new boards.

Prizes Col Smith Contest 09-06-18

The crowd at Redhead Beach watching the surfing at the Col Smith contest 9/6/18. A good crowd considering the cold and damp conditions.

Crowd Col Smith Contest 09-06-18

A reasonable surf for the Redhead Beach Col Smith contest 9/6/18 considering the weeks of recent bad weather

Surf Col Smith Contest 09-06-18

The surf turn testy on Sunday – cold wet bumpy and a fast building swell. Competition surfers making it look much better than it was

Comp surfers Col Smith Comp 10-06-18

Rique Smith, Col’s son between heats at the Col Smith contest 10/6/18 Cold and wet but with the same smile as his dad’s see photo below.

Rique Smith 10-06-18

Redhead’s Col Smith at a party 1978, don’t think that was coffee he was drinking.

Col Smith Redhead party 1978

Cold Chisel’s Don Walker with cheap wine but as yet no three day growth Mawson Hotel 1978

Don Walker Mawson Hotel 1977

Cold Chisel’s Jimmy Barnes Cardiff Workers Club 1978

Jimmy Barnes Cardiff Workers 1978

April/May 2018

Billy Reid came down with some of his old slides and we scanned in a couple of classic surfing photos:

Steve Butterworth and Col Smith surfing in a comp at Old Bar around 1978 Note Steve has switched feet on this one with his leg rope on his front foot.

Steve Butterworth Old Bar comp 1978

Steve Butterwoth Old Bar Comp 1 1978

Col Smith same comp Old Bar 1978

Col Smith Old Bar Comp 1978

Martin Littlewood had just shaped this classic 12 channel beast around 1978. See http://www.deltadesigns.com.au for info on Marty’s boards.

Martin Littlewood 12 channel 1978

Martin Littlewood on the inside Redhead classic Redhead 1978

Redhead surfers 1978

Thanks for the photos Bill

I also scanned in some old slides I took of Redhead’s best surfer Col Smith.

Col Smith at Redhead 1978 The surf was solid and grey

Col Smith surfing 1978 at Redhead

Col Smith 1976 the night before going to Hawaii with Jim Pollard Fluid Foils Channel Boards

Col Smith Fluid Foils for Hawaii

Col Smith sponsored by Tracker who gave him the airline ticket to Hawaii

Col Smith in Tracker Jacket 1976

Col Smith and family 1983 Christmas Day visit.

Col Smith and Family 1983

Lake View Swansea 21/5/2018 View through the trees and blue water to pelicans on the sand bar.

Lake View Swansea 21-05-18

A surfer as far back as possible in a solid swell Redhead Beach 10/5/2018 I don’t know if he made it.

Surfer Redhead Beach 10-05-18

A shell in a shell washed up on Redhead Beach like a bouquet of flowers.

A shell in shell Redhead 16-03-18

Rainbow over Redhead Beach 28/4/2018

Rainbow Redhead Beach 28-04-18