Redhead surfer Col Smith Scrapbook

Various photos of Redhead’s Col Smith from his surfing career.

Col Smith was Australian Champion and placed in 3 Hawaiian Contests in 1976.

Col helped pioneer Channel Bottom Surfboards, first surfing Jim Pollard’s boards with the rolled edge “corrugated” style, then with Martin Littlewood Delta Designs making the hard edged Clinker channels, Col went on to making his own boards and also worked with other board builders, mostly shaping 6 channels with “Bee” tails.

Col Smith with Jim Pollard channel boards for Bells Beach 1976

Col Smith 1976 with Jim Pollard channel Boards for Bells Beach

Col Smith at one of his favourite local breaks 1977

Col Smith at one of his favourite breaks 1977

Col Smith portrait from newspaper 1976

Col Smith newspaper Portrait

Col Smith shaping Channel boards at Redhead

Col Smith Shaping channel bottoms 1977 at Redhead


Col Smith in Tracks Magazine surfing Pipeline in 1976

Col Smith in Tracks at Pipeline


Surfer Col Smith and Shaper Jim Pollard celebrate Col’s Hawaii Surf contest wins in 1976


Col Smith and Jim Pollard celebrate Cols Hawaiian success


Col Smith surfing Margaret River WA on an asymmetric channel board around 1986

Col Smith at Margaret River


Col Smith at Pipline 1976 Tracker Poster

Col Smith Tracker Poster Pipeline Hawaii 1976


Col Smith Asymetric Channel 1986 Margaret River

Col Smith Asymmetrical Margaret River


Col and Kim Smith with Martin Littlewood at Margaret River with Asymetric channel boards.

Col Smith at Margaret River with Martin Littlewood 1986


Col Smith in Tracks Magazine 1987 surfing big Banzai Pipeline




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