Windsurfing in the 1970’s

Digger windsurfing at Blacksmiths around 1979 – At full throttle and fins out.

Martin Littlewood Windsurfing  Blacksmiths around 1979. Martin makes all sorts of surfing equipment under the name Delta Designs at Margaret River  WA.
This is what happens if you stay in the water too long. Barnacles growing  on driftwood washed up at Redhead Beach around 1980.
Barnacles on driftwood Redhead Beach 1980

Barnacles on driftwood Redhead Beach 1980

Egypt’s Pyramids. Photo by my daughter Ellen 2006.
Crescent Heads 1980 Late afternoon session.
Redhead Third Creek 1985. The third creek was man made, dug out to aliviate  flooding at the Jewels Crossing, unfortunately it deviated a lot of water from  the Second creek which rarely runs now.
John Dallymore Band at the Mawson around 1980. A great Aussie band.
Redhead Surf Carnival around 1981. Iron man Grant Kenny competed and lots  of people grabbed a vantage point to watch.
Newcastle Beach nice left on a beatiful day June 2010.
Sydney Harbour Bridge by night 1985. The photo looked better photoshopped into a water colour.
Sydney Harbour Bridge 1986

Sydney Harbour Bridge 1986


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