July/August 2013

Redhead beach on a cloudy early morning 7/8/13.

Redhead Beach cloudy sunrise 07-08-13.

Redhead Beach surfer 3/8/2013

Redhead surfer 03-08-13

Just before dawn on a wild and rainy morning 25/7/2013. The waves and wind and rain made this Redhead Beach sand dune some form of weird “thing” … and my dog Bonnie thought so too!

Redhead moulded sandbank 25-07-13

Redhead Beach surfer 6/8/13 In the gloom before sunrise this guy picked a couple off before anyone could see what was going on.

Redhead Beach surfer 06-08-13

Ross Wilson at Lizotte’s 3/8/13 Ross played all his great hits mixed with new songs which were just as good. Great night!

Ross Wilson Lizottes 03-08-13

Redhead Beach surfer 10/8/13. The end to the rides could be  a bit exciting.

Redhead Beach surfer exit 10-08-13

Redhead Beach early morning wave 6/8/13. A bit blurry but I just liked the feel of it

Redhead Beach early wave 06-08-13

Redhead Beach SUP riders Mark and Gus at sunrise 21/7/13

Redhead Beach 2 Sups at sunrise 21-07-13

Redhead Beach sunrise weird cloud 11/7/2013

Redhead Beach sunrise weird cloud 11-07-13

Redhead Beach shore break 08-08-13

Redhead Beach shorebreak 08-08-13

Redhead surfer Col Smith gets a warm welcome in Japan around 1979, photo courtesy of Col’s family collection.

Newcastle surfer Col Smith Greeting in Japan 1979

Redhead surfer Col Smith riding a 6’9″/7’6″ Asymmetric single fin channel board at Margaret River around 1980.

Photo courtesy of Col’s Family collection.

Redhead surfer Col Smith Margaret River 1980

Redhead Beach 18/8/2013. Mark Hancock and his surfing dog Buddy catch a wave.

Mark & his dog Buddy on SUP Redhead Beach 18-08-13

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