April/May/June 2019

Red sunrise Redhead beach 30/6/2019

Red sunrise Redhead Beach 30-06-19

Seaweed Redhead Beach 9/6/2019. Powerful surf for the last week has torn the kelp off the oceans floor.

Seaweed Redhead Beach 09-06-19

A flock of seagulls and clouds building and about to storm Redhead Beach 4/6/2019

Seagulls Redhead Beach 04-06-19

Redhead’s surfboard factory 1976. Martin Littlewood (Delta Designs) and Roy Lee (Pacific Dreams) were making surfboards in this converted chook shed in the lantana bush. I re-scanned the negative recently and its a bit clearer.

Redhead chook shed surfboard factory 1976


Redhead Beach 28/5/2019 solid sets and the first cold day this year

Redhead Beach 28-05-2019

Fisherman at sunrise Redhead beach 19/5/2019

Fisherman Redhead Beach 19-05-19

Big wave early morning Redhead Beach 7/5/2019

Big Wave Redhead Beach 07-05-19

This huge wave just exploded Redhead Beach 5/5/2019

Explosive wave Redhead Beach 07-05-19

Redhead Beach 19/4/2019 a dark start to the morning.

Redhead Beach Dark start 19-04-19

Dream wave sequence 1966, I wouldn’t change a thing now, except add a leg rope. I most likely drew this in Maths class at school when I was 16.

Wave dream sequence 1966

Redhead Cliff Face Profile 13/04/2019

Redhead Cliff Face Profile 13-04-19

Mind Control Pole. Someone aptly labelled the Swansea Telstra Tower 31/3/2019

Mind Control Pole Swansea 31-03-19

Wally Berwick the original Beach Inspector Redhead Beach with a redwood plank 1984

Wally Berwick original wood 1984

Redhead Surf Club 6:30 am and open for coffee 23/3/2019

Redhead Surf Club 23-03-19

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