October/November/December 2019

22/12/2019 Redhead Second Creek has dried up to just a small water hole, never seen it that dry before. Come on … rain!

Dry Redhead 2nd Creek 22-12-19

Sand Snowman and Merry Christmas Redhead Beach 12/12/2019

Sand snowman Redhead Beach 12-12-19

Redhead Beach Tide art 12/12/2019

Tide art Redhead Beach 12-12-19

Razor clams from Black Ned’s Bay 11/12/2019

Razor clams Black Neds Bay 11-12-19

Bush fire ash patterns on the tide line Redhead Beach 6/12/2019

Ash patterns tide line Redhead Beach 06-12-19

Smoke Haze Redhead Beach 05/12/2019

Smoke Haze Redhead Beach 05-12-19

Optimistic tube rider Redhead Beach 14/11/2019.

Optimistic tube ride Redhead 14-11-19

Ian Moss Cold Chisel 1978 Belmont North Community Hall. A good night for a small crowd.

Ian Moss 1978 Belmont North Hall


Crow surfing at Boomerang 1977

Crow 1977 Boomerang

Big black rain cloud hanging over Redhead Beach early morning 1/10/2019

Dark Clouds Redhead Beach 01-10-19

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