May/June/July 2020

Rutile patterns in the sand Redhead Beach July 2020. Note not enough there to bring the sand mining dredge back!.

Rutile patterns Redhead Beach July 2020

Rutile patterns Redhead Beach

Rutile patterns Redhead Beach 31-07-20

Another big day. Storm surf Redhead Beach 16/7/20

Storm surf Redhead 17-07-20

Storm Surf Redhead Beach 15/7/20

Storm Surf Redhead 15-07-20

Choppy Seas Redhead Beach 18/6/2020

Choppy seas Redhead Beach 18-06-20

Barnacles on driftwood Redhead Beach 14/6/2020

Barnacles on driftwood Redhead Beach 14-06-20

Sun projector Redhead Beach 9/6/2020

Sun projector Redhead 09-06-20

Small neat wave early morning Redhead Beach 01/6/2020

Small Wave Redhead Beach 01-06-20

Redhead Beach surfer far back with a lot of wall in front

Surfer Redhead Beach 28-04-19


Tiny waves on the inside Redhead Beach 30/5/2020

Tiny Waves Redhead 30-05-20

More big surf 6/5/2020 a wave had pushed up the path of Redhead Second Creek all the way to the boardwalk, about 200 metres inland leaving a trail of seaweed and flotsam.

Big wave path 2nd creek 06-05-20

Big seas high tide mark Redhead Beach 24/5/2020

Big seas high tide mark Redhead 24-05-20

Golden sunrise Redhead Beach

Redhead Beach sunrise 30-03-20

Redhead Beach Sand Art 17/05/2020

Sand Art Redhead Beach 17-05-20

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