January 2021

Sea Critter washed up on Redhead Beach 16/2/2021. This finger tip size rubbery thing was washed up among Blue Bottles. A sea slug known as Glaucus Atlanticus which feeds off blue bottle and stores the venom so it can be dangerous.

Things that were under the sand exposed after heavy rain and strong winds Redhead Beach 16/2/2021.

Rainbow over Redhead Beach 16/2/2021. With just my foot prints and Bonnie checking the tide line.

Big wave Redhead Beach 21/1/2021

Big Wave Redhead Beach 21/1/21

Waters Edge Redhead Beach 21/1/2021

Waters Edge Redhead 21/1/21

Absolute classic 1956 VW Combi Ute in original condition at Blacksmiths Beach Jan 2021

Original 1956 VW Combi Ute

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