March 2011

Surfest Sunday 20/03/11 around 11:30 Semi Finals, unsure who the riders were, could’nt catch the commentary.

Newcastle Surfest Semi 20-03-11

Newcastle Surfest Semi 20-3-11

Newcastle Surfest Semi 20-03-11

Newcastle Surfest  2011 – Body Painting Tent.

Newcastle Surfest Body Painting 20-3-11

Super Moon – very full moon Sunday 20/3/2011 The clouds opened up a hole and the moon shone through the black.

Super Full Moon 20-03-11


Redhead’s long serving and legendary Beach Inspector Wally Berwick picks a befitting board out of the Surfest collection assembled at Redhead Beach in 1986. Another picture courtesy of Tom Fordes collection.

Wally Berwick with Vintage Gun Redhead 1986


Redhead Beach January 17th 2011 unknown surfer on a big swell pushed down from Queensland.

Redhead Beach unknown surfer 17-01-2011

Redhead Beach unknown surfer 17-01-11

Looking over Lake Macquarie from Belmont 16 Footers Balcony on a very calm late March Sunday afternoon, and enjoying a cold beer too.

Belmont Lake Macquarie 11-03-2011

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