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Redhead Bluff from the other side 16/11/22

Redhead Bluff Goat Track, the way down 16/11/22

First Creek Redhead from the wooden bridge 9/11/22

Swansea Heads 16/11/22

Wild looking cloud over Redhead Beach 2/5/2022

Black Neds Bay 5/7/2022
Low Tide Redhead First Creek 25/8/2022
Peaky wave Redhead 18/8/2022 There is a surfer in there somewhere.
Sand Art First Creek Redhead 24/9/2022

Beach Track Redhead 5/10/2022
Black Neds Bay glassy water and no boats 16/10/2022
Redhead Shark Tower 4/10/2022 Low tide showing the bright green weed.tide line.

January/February/March/April 2022

3 weeks after our last big storm we have another one. Redhead Beach 2/4/22

Big waves

Waves and foam pushing up the First Creek

Sand getting chewed out by the ton

The Shark Listening Station usually about 1 kilometre from shore, gets pushed into shore.

Clouds reflecting in the First Creek Redhead 11/3/2022. Not sea foam like yesterday.

Another storm Redhead Beach 10/3/22. Strong wind and rain moved the sand and created a mess of foamy goo.

Sea Foam pushing into Redhead Beach 10/3/22
Sea Foam pushing up First Creek
Sand pushing toward the car park Redhead Beach 10/3/22
Big seas rain and wind created this mess goo on the beach Redhead 10/3/22

The first batch of Jim Pollard Channel Boards made for Col Smith in 1976 specifically for Bells Beach.

Redhead Beach 1/2/2022 beach erosion from strong swell and driving rain. Bonus seagull photo bomb.

Ibis in the First Creek Redhead 25/2/2022

A paddle up the Swansea Chanel in sparkling clear water 9/2/2022

Swansea Chanel

Sun over Redhead Beach 24/1/2022

Patterns First Creek Redhead 23/1/2022

November/December 2021

Sand Art Redhead First Creek 21/12/2021

Scribbly Gum Driftwood Redhead Beach 17/12/2021

View from Car Park sand hill over First Creek Redhead 11/12/2021

Early Morning light on Redhead First Creek 13/12/2021

2nd Creek Redhead finally flowing again after heavy rain 14/11/2021

Flat day at Redhead Beach 17/11/2021

Southerly buster Redhead Beach 24/10/2021

View from the SUP Caves Beach 16/11/2021

Redhead Surf Club Paddle and Swim Training 17/11/2021

May/June/July 2021

Redhead Shark Tower with a little bit of colour in front from the Pig Face Plants 32/7/2021

Some nice colours and patterns in the clouds early morning Redhead Beach 15/7/2021

Golden sunrise Redhead Beach 14/7/2021 It all turned cold and grey twenty minutes later.

Rutile patterns in the sand beside the First Creek Redhead Beach 14/6/2021

Redhead Beach 1/6/2021

Redhead Bluff looking pretty sombre on a grey wet morning 29/5/2021. Looking closely the bluff is all sliced up like a cake.

Redhead Beach Big surf 1/6/2021

February/March/April 2021

A SUP paddle around Green Point Belmont with the early morning light coming over the trees. The cave is possibly and old coal mine shaft, but there are a lot of small caves along the rocky foreshore.

On a wave 4/5/2021

Ripples in the sand after the tide dropped. Redhead Beach 04/04/2021

Redhead 2nd Creek after heavy rain 22/3/2021. This photo shows the amount of sand built up over years of drought and the amount of water that just pushed out.

A bit of history. Just looking at my Dad’s tiny 1930’s Ensign Midget camera. Dad was in the army up in Darwin 1941-45 during WW2 as a gun sergeant and here are some photos he took.

Dad’s camera a 1930’s Ensign Midget.

Dad’s army mates Darwin 1941-45

Dad’s 25 pounder Darwin 1941-45.

Dad’s Darwin photos 1941-45

January/February/March 2019

Redhead Beach 21/3/2019 another pink sunrise

Redhead Beach sunrise3 21-03-19

Redhead Beach pink reflections 28/02/2019

Redhead beach pink reflection 28-0-19

Old Miners cottage at Green Point Belmont 1977. The 99 year leases ran out and the old houses were demolished. The area was then split between parkland and housing.

Old house Green Point Belmont 1982

Thirsty Kookaburra 21/01/2019. Photo taken through the blinds of the lounge window.

Thirsty kookaburra 26-01-19

All the boats out Black Neds Bay

All Boats out Black Neds Bay

Redhead Beach First Creek Sunrise 17/1/2019

Redhead 1st Creek Sunrise 17-01-19

September 2017


29/09/2017 Regarding the photo of the Blob – we went for a paddle at Swansea again and found the water turned purple near shore.

Sea Hare squirt Swansea 29-09-17

On a closer look something under the sand was squirting out a purple ink

Sea Hare squirt Swansea 2 29-09-17

I put my paddle under it and found this beast known as a Sea Hare

Sea Hare Swansea 29-09-17

The Blob 27/9/2017. On a sand island in Swansea Chanel we found this moving blob of gristle, no idea what it is and never seen one before.

Lake Monster Swansea 27-09-17

Swansea 27/9/2017. The Skydive plane drops parachutists and the bird population from the small sand island scatter.

Plane & Birds Swansea 27-09-17

Razor Clam shell Swansea channel 27/9/2017

Razor Clam Swansea 27-09-17

Sam on his kayak spinning for flathead Black Neds Bay 3/9/17

Sam fishing from Kayak 03-09-17

Some decent boats on the way out of Swansea Channel 11/9/2017.

Boats in Swansea Channel 11-09-17

October/November 2013

23/10/13 Bushfires raging around Redhead and Dudley, evacuations for houses nearest the bush.24/10/13 The bush fire flared up closer to Redhead this morning with helicopters water bombing overhead.

Helicopter over Redhead Bushfire 24-10-13


24/10/13 Redhead Bushfire real close to home.

Bushfire at Redhead 24-10-13


Redhead 01/9/2013 Early Morning fun at the beach

Bonnie & Buddy & surfer 01-09-13


Redhead Beach sunrise 13/10/2013

Redhead beach sunrise 13-10-13


Beached Mutton Birds Redhead 4/11/2013.

The 20 or so million Shearwater (Mutton Birds) annual migration from Russia to nesting grounds in Tasmania had more casualties than usual this year. Thousands of dead and worn out mutton birds have been washed up on NSW east coast beaches with rough seas and onshore winds. They most likely got pounded by some rougher weather than usual.

Mutton Birds washed up Redhead 04-11-13


Redhead Shark Tower at sunrise 8/11/2013. The sun blazing though the haze of many recent NSW bush fires.

Redhead Shark Tower 08-11-13


Redhead Beach October 2010

Saturday morning a cool stiff sou-wester sprung up. The surf was small and  flat but picturesque between cloud banks.

Redhead Beach October 16 2010
Redhead Beach October 16 2010
The flags were up but there were no takers, the wind chill and  cold upwell had made it unpleasant but it still  looked peaceful.
Flags up no takers Redhead Oct 16 2010
Flags up no takers Redhead Oct 16 2010
But the next morning the surf had jumped up and the Sunday morning  Nippers had to stay dry, confined to beach events due to the dangerous surf. I  would describe conditions as narnar – double gnarly.
Redhead too big for Nippers 1 Oct 2010
Redhead too big for Nippers 1 Oct 2010

Col Smith hanging 5 at Redhead 1978. This was not a popular surfing  manouver at the time on short boards, but has come back in favour with the  reappearance of longboard riders.

Col Smith Redhead 1978 hanging 5
Col Smith Redhead 1978 hanging 5
Newcastle Show 1978 – the Spruker talks up the Haunted House Ride.
Haunted House Newcastle Show 1978
Haunted House Newcastle Show 1978

The Redhead Gables 1978. Flying into Redhead, as you do, the first  property you saw was a large grand old house with tennis courts known as the  Gables, originally a Miners Hostel, then a Convent, now a housing estate.  Development in Redhead has now caught up to it on both sides of the road.

The Redhead Gables 1978
The Redhead Gables 1978
The Gold Coast Nightlife 2001. Summed up by leaving the camera on at  night for a minute.
Gold Coast night life 2001
Gold Coast night life 2001