May 2011

Redhead Little Beach early Sunday morning 8th May 201,  a couple of thick ones coming through. Only 1 guy out. I only saw him try for one wave and the bottom fell out of it and he got lunched.

Redhead Little Beach 8th May 2011

The week before on the 1st May 2011 at Blacksmiths it was doing the same thing, the next set after this pic just closed out the beach.

Blacksmiths almost holding up 1st May 2011


Redhead’s Col Smith at Redhead on a Jim Pollard Channel board around 1976.  Col was in the tube AND cutting back at the same time.

Redhead's Col Smith tube cutback 1976


Diamond Head lifelike rock formations.

Diamond Head - life like rock formations 1979


Laying out Shark netting off Newcastle Beach around 1977. They pulled in 3  Hammerheads that day.

Laying shark nets off Newcastle around 1977


Classic Redhead Beach landscape February 2011 – Cliff Surf Club and Shark Tower.

Redhead Beach February 2011


A beautiful Easter Friday morning  2011 at Redhead beach, flags had just gone up.

Redhead surfer 22nd of April 2011


Redhead’s Col Smith in his lounge room eye balling his new Jim Pollard Channel boards bound for Hawaii the next day 1976.

Redhead's Col Smith with boards for Hawaii 1976


Storm front coming Redhead 30th March 2011.

Storm front coming Redhead 30th March 2011

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