February 2013

Redhead Beach surfer early morning 20/2/2013

Redhead Beach surfer at sunrise 20-02-13

20/2/2013 Redhead Beach

Redhead Beach 20-02-13

Redhead Beach Shark Tower in a golden glow at sunrise 1/2/2013

Redhead Shark Tower sunrise 01-02-13

Redhead 2nd Creek 29/2/2013 after heavy rain, this creek seldom flows now. The last time was  in 2007 when the ship the Pascha Bulker got shipwrecked on Nobbys Beach.

Redhead Beach 2nd Creek flowing 29-01-13

Redhead Beach 2nd Creek 8/2/2013. A week later that the above photo this was its sad last stand.

Redhead Beach 2nd Creek last run 08-02-13

Redhead Beach 2nd Creek 2/02/2013 after some rain.

Rehead Beach 2nd Creek 02-02-13

Redhead Beach Sunrise 10/2/2013

Redhead Beach sunrise 10-02-13

Redhead Beach sunrise with seagulls 1/2/2013

Redhead Beach seagulls 01-02-13

Redhead Beach First Creek  with sun bursting through a heavy cloud bank 3/2/2013

Redhead Beach 1st Creek2 03-02-13

Redhead beach Sunrise 10/2/2013

Redhead Beach sunrise3 10-02-13

Redhead beach Wet and Stormy morning 23/2/2013

Redhead Beach Stormy morning 23-02-13

Redhead Sunrise 26/2/2013 Red sky in the morning.

Redhead Beach sunrise12 26-02-13

Redhead Beach Shark Tower at sunrise again 26/2/13

Redhead Beach sunrise15 26-02-13

Redhead Beach sunrise Parallel Lines 27/2/2013

Redhead Beach sunrise6 27-02-13

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