March and April 2013

08/04/2013 Early morning Redhead beach – the colours only last for just that magic few seconds.

Redhead Beach Sunrise  08-04-13

DLR Competition 06/04/2013. Dudley Leggy Redhead Board comp on at Redhead beach. Surfer in the first heat at daybreak. Dudley got the win but everyone that was there early got treated to a beautiful start to the day.

Redhead DLR comp 2 06-04-13

Redhead Beach 6/4/2013 Dudley/Leggy Point/Redhead Contest Site early morning.

Redhead DLR Comp 1 06-04-13

Redhead beach sunrise 06/04/2013

Redhead Beach sunrise 1 06-04-13

Redhead Shark Tower with Green fluro lighting 3/4/2103. A pre dawn visit to the beach had me rubbing my eyes as the Shark tower had been adorned with bright green lights.

Redhead Beach Shark Tower Green Lighting 03-04-13

Redhead beach erosion 3/03/2013. The consistent swell and storms have taken back some of the sand built up over many years and left a 3 metre berm.

Redhead Beach Berm 03-03-2013

Redhead Beach sunrise 6/3/2013. The sun beamed through some small holes in the cloud cover like search lights.

Redhead Beach Searchlight 06-03-2013

Redhead Beach 23/03/2013 early morning purple haze, thanks Jimmy (Hendrix of course) I was wondering what you were on about.

Redhead Beach Purple Haze 23-03-13

Surfer DLR Comp 6/4/2013

Surfer Redhead Beach DLR Comp 1 06-04-13

11/4/2013 Redhead Beach SUP paddler. Mark Hancock on a good moning for a paddle.

Redhead Beach sup paddler Mark Hancock 11-04-13

15/04/2013 Redhead beach. Surfer Ben Mondy gives the thumbs up after scoring a beacher early Monday morning.

Redhead beach surfer Ben Mondy 15-04-13

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