October/November 2013

23/10/13 Bushfires raging around Redhead and Dudley, evacuations for houses nearest the bush.24/10/13 The bush fire flared up closer to Redhead this morning with helicopters water bombing overhead.

Helicopter over Redhead Bushfire 24-10-13


24/10/13 Redhead Bushfire real close to home.

Bushfire at Redhead 24-10-13


Redhead 01/9/2013 Early Morning fun at the beach

Bonnie & Buddy & surfer 01-09-13


Redhead Beach sunrise 13/10/2013

Redhead beach sunrise 13-10-13


Beached Mutton Birds Redhead 4/11/2013.

The 20 or so million Shearwater (Mutton Birds) annual migration from Russia to nesting grounds in Tasmania had more casualties than usual this year. Thousands of dead and worn out mutton birds have been washed up on NSW east coast beaches with rough seas and onshore winds. They most likely got pounded by some rougher weather than usual.

Mutton Birds washed up Redhead 04-11-13


Redhead Shark Tower at sunrise 8/11/2013. The sun blazing though the haze of many recent NSW bush fires.

Redhead Shark Tower 08-11-13


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