January/February/March/April 2022

3 weeks after our last big storm we have another one. Redhead Beach 2/4/22

Big waves

Waves and foam pushing up the First Creek

Sand getting chewed out by the ton

The Shark Listening Station usually about 1 kilometre from shore, gets pushed into shore.

Clouds reflecting in the First Creek Redhead 11/3/2022. Not sea foam like yesterday.

Another storm Redhead Beach 10/3/22. Strong wind and rain moved the sand and created a mess of foamy goo.

Sea Foam pushing into Redhead Beach 10/3/22
Sea Foam pushing up First Creek
Sand pushing toward the car park Redhead Beach 10/3/22
Big seas rain and wind created this mess goo on the beach Redhead 10/3/22

The first batch of Jim Pollard Channel Boards made for Col Smith in 1976 specifically for Bells Beach.

Redhead Beach 1/2/2022 beach erosion from strong swell and driving rain. Bonus seagull photo bomb.

Ibis in the First Creek Redhead 25/2/2022

A paddle up the Swansea Chanel in sparkling clear water 9/2/2022

Swansea Chanel

Sun over Redhead Beach 24/1/2022

Patterns First Creek Redhead 23/1/2022

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