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Redhead Bluff from the other side 16/11/22

Redhead Bluff Goat Track, the way down 16/11/22

First Creek Redhead from the wooden bridge 9/11/22

Swansea Heads 16/11/22

Wild looking cloud over Redhead Beach 2/5/2022

Black Neds Bay 5/7/2022
Low Tide Redhead First Creek 25/8/2022
Peaky wave Redhead 18/8/2022 There is a surfer in there somewhere.
Sand Art First Creek Redhead 24/9/2022

Beach Track Redhead 5/10/2022
Black Neds Bay glassy water and no boats 16/10/2022
Redhead Shark Tower 4/10/2022 Low tide showing the bright green weed.tide line.

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