August/September 2020

Kite Surfer Redhead Beach 10/9/2020. The wind was up straight in and he was hooting alongĀ  parallel to shore.

Kite Surfer Redhead 4 10-09-20

Redhead Beach First Creek 4/9/2020

Redhead Beach First Creek 04-09-20

Footprints on the beach after a busy day at Redhead Beach 21/6/2020.

Footprints Redhead Beach 21-06-20


Birds out to sea Caves Beach 16/8/2020. Sea birds zero’d in about a kilometre out from shore in mass and a fishing boat went where the action was hoping to land a few of what was attracting the birds.

Birds at sea Caves Beach 16-08-20

While the surf today wasn’t anything like it was painted here, the picture brightened up a dull scene. Daniel Joyce mural Redhead Beach 10/8/2020.

Daniel Joyce mural Redhead Beach 10-08-20

Another east coast low hits with 90k winds Redhead Beach 10/8/2020

90k wind Redhead Beach 10-08-20