Rock Bands that Played in Newcastle

Newcastle has seen and heard it’s share of good bands – and here are some of them over the years.

Cold Chisel played many times in Newcastle – and always played hard. Ian Moss played beautiful guitar solos and sang the Blues. Mawson Hotel Caves Beach 1978

Cold Chisel’s Ian Moss

Cold Chisel’s Jimmy Barnes singing Khe Sahn at Cardiff Workers Club around 1980.

Cold Chisel’s Jimmy Barnes

The Angels Doc Neeson was like a snake oil salesman done up and Dandy, but such a great front man. Always had the crowd up and roaring. Mawson Hotel around 1979.

Doc Neeson from the Angels

England’s Graham Parker and the Rumour played  the Civic Theatre around 1978 and played great songs and the band ripped.

Graham Parker

Ignatious Jones the front man for Jimmy and the Boys. They played some wild shows, this one at Belmont Sportsmans Club around 1979. Jimmy wrapped the mike cord around his neck and then spat out blood hopefully from a capsule, to get the message across – I’m not like anybody else.

Ignatious Jones from Jimmy and the Boys

New York’s Lou Reed played at the Civic Theatre around 1979 and played awsome songs and great guitar. He gave me a stink eye for the photo then winked and carried on the show.

Lou Reed Civic Theatre 1978

Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett at the Mawson Hotel 1978, the next visit to Newcastle the gig was packed as word had got around.

Midnight Oil Mawson Hotel 1977

Dweezil Zappa Civic Theatre 2010. Dweezil played his dad Frank’s stuff with some fantastic guitar solos.

Dweezil Zappa Civic Theatre 2010

Mid April 2011

Bryon Bay line up shot 1977. It was good for a week and not too crowded.

Byron Bay Line up 1981


Redhead surfer Mick picked up a classic 1974 Warren Cornish collectors item shaped by Michael Peterson. Michael signed the board and even posed for a photo with it. MP was one of Australia’s best surfers for several years from 1974 but in those days surfers didn’t get paid much to surf, so most good surfers survived making boards. MP worked for many manufacturers and had his own shop making his own unique shapes perfect for surfing barrells.

Michael Peterson and classic board April 2011


 A powerful barrell ride, unknown surfer Redhead May 2010.

Redhead Shark Tower unknown surfer May 2010


Crow on a fence – on a foggy winters morning Redhead Beach.

Crow on fence Redhead 1980

Bali farm on the walk in to Ulluwatu 1977.

Bali Farm Ulluwatu 1977


Indicator’s Raglan New Zealand 1978. One of the worlds best spots.

NZ Raglan Indicators 1978


Annual Surf Club Touch Footy competition between Redhead and Swansea-Belmont 1977. Wardy scores the winning try for Redhead.

Wardy touch footy Redhead SLSC 1977


The lack of an official dignitary didn’t deter the Redhead Surf Club at the Touch Footy winner’s presentation 1977. PJ poses as the Lady Mayoress and presents the trophy to Redhead’s Col Murray. Then a few beers were had.

PJ and Col Redhead Surfclub 1977


Redhead Bluff from the northern side around 1978.

Redhead Bluff from back 1978

April 2011

Another favourite photo of mine – Col Smith the night before heading for Hawaii with a bunch of Radical Pollard Channel Boards, and he ripped placing in 3 main events.

Newcastle Col Smith – Channel Boards for Hawaii 1976


Redhead surfer 23/3/2011. A NE swell jumped up and provided some good surfers with some testing waves, along with a few bombs.

Redhead unknown surfer 23rd March 2011


Redhead’s Col Smith in his shaping bay with some new clinker channel boards 1977.

Col Smith shaping channel boards 1977

Col Smith shaping channel boards 1977


Nobbys Lighthouse opened up to the public for 2 weekends in March and proved to be very popular. The 360 degree views from up there were great.

Kitesurfers at Nobbys 13th March 2011


Newcastle from Nobbys Lighthouse

Newcastle from Nobbys 13th March 2011


Redhead Beach surfer 17th January in big surf

Redhead Surfers 17th January 2011


Redhead Beach 24th March, they were mostly closing out but the odd set looked impressive.


Redhead Beach 24th March 2011