September/October 2018

Foggy morning Redhead Beach 23/10/2018. Trying to keep it simple.

Redhead beach foggy morning 23-10-18

Redhead 2nd Creek flowing again after good rain 6/10/2018. For something different it pushed along the beach to meet up with 1st Creek which then flowed down and out at the Shark Tower rocks.

Redhead 2nd creek flowing 06-10-18

Silver Sea – Blacksmiths Beach 17/10/2018 and it’s a colour photo

Silver Sea Blacksmiths 17-10-18

Early morning paddle around to Green Point Belmont 27/9/18 Water like glass, sun coming through the trees, nice and peaceful.

Reflections Green Point Belmont 27-09-18

Three Pig face flowers in different stages of bloom Blacksmiths Beach 20/9/2018

Pig face Blacksmiths 20-08-18

Sun through clouds Blacksmiths Beach 20/9/2018

Sun through cloud Blacksmiths 20-09-18

Ripples in the Sand Redhead Beach 22/08/2018. Waves pushed over the beach and left these patterns when the tide went out.

Sand ripples 22-08-18