10th January 2013

Redhead Beach sunrise 26/1/2013

Redhead beach 26-01-13

Redhead Beach sunrise 25/1/2013

Redhead Beach sunrise3 25-01-13

25/1/2013 Surfers out at dawn Redhead Beach

Redhead Beach sunrise2 25-01-13

16/1/2013 Sunrise Redhead Beach.

Redhead Beach Sunrise 1 16-01-13

16/1/2013 Redhead Beach Sunrise with Bonnie and Seagulls.The seagulls flew into frame and Bonnie went in to to chase them and it made a nice entry into the picture.

Redhead Beach Bonnie and seagulls16-01-13

8/10/2013 This is Bonnie, a beautiful lovely dog – rescued and now re-housed by Amy’s Animal Rescue. See the web site  www.aaarescue.net – Amie’s Pets are currently advertised on Gumtree, contact her if you can help.Amy’s Angels goal is to save as many pets from death row as possible. Please consider adopting a pet from an animal rescue if you want a pet – as 63,000 good unwanted animals were put down just in NSW last year.

Bonnie 08-01-13

16/6/2012 An Octopus’s Garden. Since 1965 I was like what’s Ringo on about ” I’d like to be under the sea in an Octopusses garden with you”. Well I went for a paddle on my SUP in Marks Point Bay and in the shallows I noticed a pile of shells As I approached an angry Octopus popped out from a hole in the middle – no lie – brandishing a beer bottle in one hand. One Octopusses garden – but I dont think he was so keen on sharing it. I quickly pushed him off my board with my paddle and swung around to take this photo.

16-06-12 Octopus with beer bottle

As Frank Zappa said – the Ocean is the ultimate solution. Seems like it is for the problem of garbage -washed up at Redhead Beach  after a storm 11/6/2012.

11-06-12 Redhead Beach flotsom washed up

Redhead Beach 25/6/2012 Nice wave good surfer.

Redhead Beach Surfer1 26-05-12

Method 22/4/2012. Method played at Dudley Oceanview Pub – Great 2 piece band keep an ear out for them.

Method 4 Oceanview 22-04-12

16/6/2012 Mark’s Point Bay Starfish. A large bright starfish missing a leg and appears about to lose 2 more.

6-06-12 Marks Point Starfish

Redhead surfer 25/11/12 Yound Mal Rider

Redhead Beach surfer4 25-11-12

8/4/2012 Dweezil Zappa and Band Zappa Plays Zappa at Panthers Newcastle, what a great band, played music by Dweezil’s dad Frank Zappa.

Dweezil Zappa Band 8-4-12

16/6/2012 Marks Point Bay cloud reflections in the water.

6-06-12 Marks Point reflections

16/6/2012 Marks Point early morning.

16-06-12 Marks Point