April/May 2013

21/5/13 Steve Butterworth’s funeral was held today. Steve was one of Newcastle’s favourite surfers. A large group of family and friends attended. Steve was a good surfer and a good bloke, the best way I can describe why, is he had the ability to share “the stoke” – which is the fun and excitement of surfing.

Strong to the end, his last words to me in passing at Newcastle Beach was – I am off to see our mate Smithy soon.

Steve Butterworth 1977

Steve Butterworth and Col Smith at Redhead Beach Shark Tower with their new Jim Pollard Channel Bottom Boards 1977.

Steve Butterworth & Col Smith 1978

Surfer at Merewether Beach 22/04/2013

Surfer Merewether Beach 22-04-13

Redhead Beach hot pink sunrise 15/04/2013

Redhead Beach pink sunrise 15-04-13

Redhead Bluff from the water 13/4/2013

Redhead Bluff from water 13-04-13

Redhead Beach Sea Wall 20/04/13. If your planning a leisurley walk along the beach, don’t go at high tide on a big swell for a while. Bonnie makes a dash between sets.

Redhead Beach Seawall 20-04-13

Redhead Beach seamonster 20/4/2013. A large tree washed up in big seas, looking rather like a beached sea Leopard, one beached up here many years ago.

Redhead beach sea monster 20-04-13

Redhead beach sunrise 10/4/2013

Redhead sunrise 2 10-04-13

Full Moon at sunrise over Redhead beach sand cliff 26/4/2013

Redhead Beach full moon1 26-06-13