February/March/April 2021

A SUP paddle around Green Point Belmont with the early morning light coming over the trees. The cave is possibly and old coal mine shaft, but there are a lot of small caves along the rocky foreshore.

On a wave 4/5/2021

Ripples in the sand after the tide dropped. Redhead Beach 04/04/2021

Redhead 2nd Creek after heavy rain 22/3/2021. This photo shows the amount of sand built up over years of drought and the amount of water that just pushed out.

A bit of history. Just looking at my Dad’s tiny 1930’s Ensign Midget camera. Dad was in the army up in Darwin 1941-45 during WW2 as a gun sergeant and here are some photos he took.

Dad’s camera a 1930’s Ensign Midget.

Dad’s army mates Darwin 1941-45

Dad’s 25 pounder Darwin 1941-45.

Dad’s Darwin photos 1941-45